Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sidewalk Inspiration

 Its raining as I type this , and my cat is sleeping on the bed and I'm eating homemade candy and watching Star trek the Search for Spock, even though I should be sleeping because I have to work early tomorrow. Its been awhile since it rained and I really hope that it rains tomorrow, I guess I'm just in a rainy day mood.and besides my car needs a good washing! 

Today as I was running errands I was delighted to find these messages of inspiration chalked up and down the walkway of the strip mall that I went to.  The thought that someone or a couple of someones took the time to chalk these colorful messages was a treat and a real delight. So I took some pictures and thought I would share.


Be The Change

 Give someone a Helping Hand
Heal yourself, Heal the World

 Help Someone
You Are Beautiful

Be Present you are Here

Smile, Dance in the Rain