Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time and Bike trails

The story of this bike trail
About 3 years ago my brother and I purchased a condo, we live within walking distance of  so many amazing bike trails and a river, but this cute bike trail that goes on for about 3 miles is literally right  in back of the condos where we live and guess what, I've never been on it  before until just recently.  For some odd reason it just never occurred to me to explore it.  I think its because I've been so focused on walking along the river trails and this bike trail leads away from from the river. I feel so stupid because this bike trail is beautiful it literally makes me feel as if I'm walking or riding in the countryside.  I think for some strange reason in the back of my mind I thought I might run into wild dogs on the loose on this particular trail so I think that is another reason why I haven't been on it till now.  This trail has lovely yellow wild flowers and trees and tall grasses and every so often there are benches for people to sit on,it also leads to a tiny little park which I've secretly dubbed Lovers Lane because it seems as if every time I pass near it,there are couples  kissing or holding hands and staring into each others eyes.  The only dogs I've run into on the trail are cute little dogs on a leash.  There is even a volley ball court along the way and picnic tables. The sad thing is we are about to move into our new house soon , so I can't believe I've missed out on this gem for so long.