Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sidewalk Inspiration

 Its raining as I type this , and my cat is sleeping on the bed and I'm eating homemade candy and watching Star trek the Search for Spock, even though I should be sleeping because I have to work early tomorrow. Its been awhile since it rained and I really hope that it rains tomorrow, I guess I'm just in a rainy day mood.and besides my car needs a good washing! 

Today as I was running errands I was delighted to find these messages of inspiration chalked up and down the walkway of the strip mall that I went to.  The thought that someone or a couple of someones took the time to chalk these colorful messages was a treat and a real delight. So I took some pictures and thought I would share.


Be The Change

 Give someone a Helping Hand
Heal yourself, Heal the World

 Help Someone
You Are Beautiful

Be Present you are Here

Smile, Dance in the Rain

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pinup bathing suits and nights out on the town

 I recently thrifted this 1940's style bathing suit for a song and a dance and I just wanted to show it off.  I'm still not use to taking pictures so there are no cheese cake shots. But I adore this suit I rarely ever find bathing suits that I feel comfortable in. The main reason is I don't like to shave,and most bathing suits are cut so high that you have to. I love the bright colors in this suit also, perfect for Spring and Summer.  On Thursday it was really hot and it was also Cinco DE Mayo, so there was a lot going on downtown. My friend Nancy and I went to a park downtown and took some pictures, then from there we headed over to the river and took some pictures. After that we were hungry so we headed over to midtown to try out this hot dog place I've been wanting to eat at for a long time called Capitol dogs, and I'm so glad we did; they have some of the best hot dogs. We ordered: turkey dogs a basket of french fries and a soft drink. On our way there we bumped into a friend of Nancy's named Zinni, she had been partaking in the Cinco DE Mayo festivities and had a bit to much to drink, she didn't want to drive home with  a full buzz on, so she headed over to Capitol Dogs with us.  After we ate we walked down the street to this bar called the old English Tavern, its a pretty mellow bar but on this day the place was packed, I like this bar because its cheap and very hippster friendly most people ride there bikes there and hang out. The music was much to loud so we headed up the street to this bar called the Mercantile bar its a semi straight/gay bar. The music in this place was awful but it was a lively scene. We met a guy there who liked my friend Nancy, we were broke and bored so he said he would pay our way into a club across the street called Faces, its a gay club that I've never been to but always wanted to go to because I heard the dance floor was a trip and you could go there and just enjoy yourself and have fun, Alot straight people hangout at this club too so its really a mixed scene. They had three dance floors and a Karaoke bar, I sang two songs, Blondie's heart of glass and MGMT kids, that didn't go over to well but what the heck, all and all it was a fun day!

really shy about taking pictures so that's why I'm wearing my sports bra with this lovey swim suit, Nancy  on the other hand cheescakey!

What would a park be without guys playing basket ball? These guys were way interested in our photo taking!


This is the water treatment center its shaped just like a big steam punk boat I love it you can walk around the deck and its right in the water so you can easily imagine your on a ship, usually when its hot , those circles are really a fountain that fun to get wet in, it had to be about 90 degrees , but they didn't have the fountain on.

I really like this photo and I love the look of the shoes I'm wearing , I'm already tall , so you'd never , ever catch me walking around in these three inch heels, but they work great for a photo shoot.

That's about as cheesecake as I'm going to get , me bending over getting a drink of water

Me and my cat eye glasses, and running through the grass

Trying on hats at the Vintage hat shop in Old Sac, and me trying on a red wig at Evangeline's Costume shop in old sac, I'm going to get me one of these wigs.

Having dinner at Capitol Dogs in Midtown


Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time and Bike trails

The story of this bike trail
About 3 years ago my brother and I purchased a condo, we live within walking distance of  so many amazing bike trails and a river, but this cute bike trail that goes on for about 3 miles is literally right  in back of the condos where we live and guess what, I've never been on it  before until just recently.  For some odd reason it just never occurred to me to explore it.  I think its because I've been so focused on walking along the river trails and this bike trail leads away from from the river. I feel so stupid because this bike trail is beautiful it literally makes me feel as if I'm walking or riding in the countryside.  I think for some strange reason in the back of my mind I thought I might run into wild dogs on the loose on this particular trail so I think that is another reason why I haven't been on it till now.  This trail has lovely yellow wild flowers and trees and tall grasses and every so often there are benches for people to sit on,it also leads to a tiny little park which I've secretly dubbed Lovers Lane because it seems as if every time I pass near it,there are couples  kissing or holding hands and staring into each others eyes.  The only dogs I've run into on the trail are cute little dogs on a leash.  There is even a volley ball court along the way and picnic tables. The sad thing is we are about to move into our new house soon , so I can't believe I've missed out on this gem for so long.