Monday, June 14, 2010

 I've always wanted an old vintage V W Van, I've always imagined myself traveling around in one. maybe it stems from watching to much scooby Doo as a child, but whenever I see one of these I can't help but feel a little wistful so when I saw this lovely of lovely Vintage V.W Vans did up in pastel cupcake pink my imagination ran wild. I pictured myself wearing a dark pink polka dot dress, or cut off jeans and a white T shirt, listening to 50's music and serving up lemonade, I don't even particularly like pink, but I could see myself hitting the road in this Van and setting up camp in various towns, cities and parks and selling my wears out of them like some traveling gypsy. I got  this picture courtesy of

Images like this make me think of stuff like this, I think its the pastel colors, yummy

These dreamy summer images like girls in white dresses, it brings to mind being in the country at least in my imgination, somewhere like the missisippi bayou in an old house deep in the swamps, where I would wake up every moring lazy from the heatt and just throw on a thin white cotton dress or some simple floral print, and go pick berries and dig for crawdads that what I would imagine anyway! These pictures are from the Kling 2010 summer collection I know have been hitting the blog scene, not only are these images dreamy but the clothes are so simple they are just lovely.