Sunday, October 17, 2010


 I love downtown Sacramento, I think its absolutely gorgeous. Sacramento California is one of those cities that don't feel exactly like a city its not all fast paced like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sacramento isn't sophisticated like those cities are. Its actually pretty slow although its growing by leaps and bounds.  The outskirts of the city is filled with mostly suburbs of various economic demographics. The thing that I love about downtown  is the mixture of the old with the new. most of the houses are just lovely in  that area ,most are from the 1800's through about the 1940's those old quaint houses that seem to last forever and looks so beautiful. A lot of the new houses that are springing up in the downtown area are green and energy efficient  since Sactown is the state capitol of Cali downtown is a bustling center and its so vintagey, you don't need a car and alot of people just use their bikes, ride the bus or bike, there are lots of great restaurants and bars and clubs and there are the river its just a really great scene.  I took these pictures of some of the buildings I find interesting , some are of the new brownstone like houses they are building in midtown, these beauties are going for about $300,000 and some of the pictures are of  this old Masonic building, for the life of me I'm so curious about this building because its huge and its a masonic temple and it has all that masonic writing and emblems and symbols on it. The thing I find most odd about this building is that I never see anyone going in or out of it even though its huge and obviously its kept up, but I just never see anything happening there , granted I don't stand out in front of it 24/7 but I happen by there often enough where it seems I should see at least something happening over there every once in a great while.  I have to admit my imagination works overtime everytime I'm near this building thinking about all the strange rituals that secretly go on in there.  The building makes me think of that movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Anyway oneday maybe soon since I'm currently unemployed I might just spend a day walking around all downtown taking pictures and finding out new spots.

 urban Brownstones I just had to get a picture of that vintage  VW Van in there love it, they are sort of my new obession.

I wouldn't mind living in one of these beauties althought they are 3 stories and pretty huge I don't think I need that much room!

I love it that whoever designed these said all shucks lets just paint them all brick red!

The Masonic building

notice the symbols, like the lyons head!

me trying to get a picture of the inside of the building and my hands reflecting in the glass.

I've never seen anything happening, or anyone coming in or going out! I think thats odd

This pictures is on the side of ther building, I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time so I didn't get to really study the picture but the ladder is defintely a masonic symbol, also I wanted to know what the people in the picture were doing because I know this picture is full of masonic images and symbols to the casual observer they would just see an odd picture but anyone whoes studied up on freemasons would recognize many of the symbols and there meanings imediately.

This is the side of the building and its huge, but like I said I never see anything, or anyone!

The back of the building

This is the bless sacrament Catholic church its the next block over and the masonic temple looks on directly across from it I think thats odd.

I never really noticed before but I took this picture two blocks away from the masonic temple, the stop that I'm at practically everday you can see the top of the temple from there!

 Omg it actually rained today finally some cool fall weather, we went from it being in the 90's to cloudy rain, lets hope this weather continues.